Wet or dry, hot or cold, indoors or out In any environment Rockies last longer

Wet or dry, hot or cold, indoors or out
In any environment Rockies last longer

Rockies are made using industrial strength hydraulic presses operating at over 10,000 kilos per square inch pressure.

This force is turning powder into stone, Rockies are as “hard as rock” and they can withstand a wide range of weather conditions. It is purely fusion that keeps Rockies together. No binders, no chemicals, no cement!

Rockies are superior in many ways to other salt licks, but an outstanding advantage is their hardness. This makes them last much longer, and with less wastage, than alternatives.

The specialist hydraulic presses used to manufacture them operate at pressures of over 10,000 kilograms per square inch (200 Bar). This makes Rockies the world’s densest and hardest salt licks.

They’re so dense that they are unaffected by heavy rain and extremes of heat or cold, and so can be left with confidence in any livestock environment, outdoors or indoors.

Unlike many poorly-made alternatives, they do not disintegrate rapidly when licked and are tough enough to withstand high levels of impact without breaking.

Rockies also use ultra-fresh salt from one of the world’s purest sources – directly beneath the Tithebarn manufacturing facility. It is well proven that the purer the salt, the more animals are attracted to it. So when used as a carrier for essential natural supplements, Rockies work harder and longer to keep your livestock healthy, productive and profitable.

So when you buy Rockies, you’ll be improving the condition not just of your animals, but of your farm’s profitability and reputation for quality produce.


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