Tithebarn – UKTI Export Champion 2016

New Year, New Challenge: Tithebarn takes a new role as the UKTI Export Champion 2016!

Happy New Year!

Succeeding our Greater China award in 2015, Tithebarn welcomes the New Year with a new role. We feel honoured and privileged to be part of the prestigious UKTI Export Champion theme 2016.

In the welcome letter,  Bev Mullin, Senior Contract & Stakeholder Manager of UK Trade & Investment – North West said:

“Our first Export Champions were recruited for 2013, and have done a great job spreading the word about the benefits of international trade.   As a region, we need to sell more products and services overseas, and I’m determined to encourage and support as many companies as possible to take up the export challenge.  We know that companies are encouraged and inspired by their peers, so your success stories are hugely influential.  I hope that your association with the Export Champion initiative will be good for you too, and enjoyable!”

NWEC - Vector 2016

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