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Lamb and calf health supplement

Thermovite Plus

Thermovite Plus is designed to meet the critical needs of newborn lambs or calves. It solves problems caused by:
Low reserves of energy.
Low reserves of vitamins.
Insufficient or poor quality colostrum.
Bacterial challenge.
No protective microflora.

Thermovite Plus provides:

Instant energy.
High levels of vitamins.
Supplementary colostrum.
Allicin (garlic derivative).
Probiotics for protection.

Tithebarn Thermovite Plus is a practical, cost-effective aid to preventing disease among lambs and calves. It is packaged in 3 x 60ml graduated syringes as Thermovite Trio. This ensures clean, safe and efficient administration.

Alternatively, Thermovite Plus is available in 84ml cartridges with a dispensing gun.

Contents include:
Allicin (from garlic).
Beneficial micro-organisms.
Vitamin E (0.45g/4ml dose).
High energy base.
Organic Farmers & Growers
Thermovite Plus can be used as an emergency treatment without derogation, but use must be recorded and justified.

To find the right product to suit your requirements, select your livestock.

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