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Respithrive range

Our Respithrive range is formulated specifically to help prevent pneumonia in young cattle and housed sheep and lambs.

The active ingredient is Respiral, an internationally proven blend of selected essential oils and herb extracts with an excellent track record of keeping respiratory tracts healthy. The use of Respiral in cattle and sheep feed supplements in the UK is unique to Tithebarn.

Respithrive products should be included in the diet of all young stock, particularly in autumn and winter. They:
Reduce mucus discharge.
Relieve stress.
Maintain appetite.
Boost immune systems.
Improve growth rates.

Respithrive is available in the following choice of products, depending on how you want to deliver the benefits of Respiral.

Respithrive Dynabloc
Block for cattle.

Respisheep Dynabloc
Block for sheep and lambs.

Respithrive Boost
Meal form for home mixing or sprinkling on silage and other foods.

Mineral bucket formulated for housed sheep or lambs.

To find the right product to suit your requirements, select your livestock.

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