Tithebarn Products

Tithebarn Products


High nutrient density mineral feed

A higher nutrient density means lower intakes are needed. This reduces your feeding costs and improves stock profitability.

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Mineral Blocks

Cost effective feed supplements

Low intakes and high performance; specially formulated with a very low level of molasses and an organic binder to leave maximum space for nutrients.

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Mineralised protein supplements

Gives your stock exactly the right balance of proteins, minerals, trace elements and vitamins, with optional additives to enhance performance.

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Minimise quantity ration supplements

Mineral supplements play an important role for better fertility, daily liveweight gains, finishing times and kill-out percentages. Young stock benefit from the good start, they are less susceptible to health problems, grow more quickly, and ultimately are more profitable.

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Organic minerals and dynablocs

Tithebarn offers a range of minerals and Dynablocs for organic systems. All products in the range are approved by OF&G and SOPA.

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Promotes respiratory health

The proven blend with an excellent track record of keeping respiratory tracts healthy and preventing pneumonia in young cattle and housed sheep and lambs.

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Thermovite +

Lamb and calf health supplement

Thermovite Plus is the problem solver that meets the critical needs of newborn lambs or calves. It is a practical, cost-effective aid to disease prevention.

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