LaminShield Rockies

LaminShield Rockies

The LaminShield range (LaminShield, LaminShield Pure and LaminShield Mini) provides an easy, safe and palatable way to ensure that horses and ponies get enough magnesium and other essential minerals.

Magnesium is vital to horse and pony health and a deficiency can be serious. For example, it can lead to laminitis – a painful, crippling and hard to treat inflammatory condition of the hoof tissues.

Supplementary magnesium may be needed if your horse or pony:

  • Is at grass all year round.
  • Grazes on acid or marshy soils.
  • Is on a high concentrate diet.
  • Is overweight.
  • Is kept in stressful conditions.
  • Suffers from muscular tension.
  • Is a native breed.


‘I used the LaminShield lick for the miniature Shetland, as he’s prone to laminitis. Last summer he was very lethargic and sore footed. Now he’s a lively, happy little chap, always running around and not sore footed at all.’
    Mrs P Hill, Minehead, Somerset

‘I noticed a difference within two weeks. The introduction of LaminShield coincided with both weight loss and a calmer outlook for my horse. She’s going into spring carrying just the right amount of weight for the first time in two years!’
    Amanda Fidler, Batemoor, Sheffield

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