Purest Quality

Quality you can trust

The purest salt – and the freshest taste

Every Rockies product is made from 99.9 per cent pure salt that been out of the ground for no longer than three hours.

The salt source is not just the purest in the UK – it’s among the purest anywhere in the world. Independent research has long proven that pure, fresh salt is more palatable to livestock, making Rockies a highly effective carrier of health-improving supplements.

Rockies is rock hard – pressed to last and last

Tithebarn has invested heavily in industrial presses capable of pressures greater than 10,000 tonnes per square inch. This makes Rockies the hardest, longest-lasting and best value salt licks money can buy.

Tithebarn is a company that has earned its reputation from quality products and quality service – and that quality reaches to any farm or stable anywhere in the world.

One million livestock enjoy Rockies every day

Rockies are recognised the world over for their benefits:

Health animals produce better profits.
Livestock enjoy every lick, reliably absorbing supplements.
Weatherproof and made to last.
Longer shelf life so no wastage in normal storage.
Cost saving – a quality product at a low per-day cost.
Organic Approved products available.

Rockies products are formulated by experts, rigorously farm tested, and optimised for different animals and different conditions.


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