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Healthy livestock – healthy profits

Minerals are an essential part of livestock diet. Without the correct balance of major minerals and trace elements livestock will not thrive. Although required in relatively small amounts the minerals provided in Rockies can help the absorption and digestion of the rest of the daily feed. All of this can lead to increased production in terms of meat, milk or wool, which in turn will lead to greater efficiency and increased profits.

The Rockies range of products helps to improve and maintain livestock health and productivity in any environment. No matter what the climate, weather, pasturing, rearing or feeding conditions, there will be a Rockies formulation to help optimise intake of major minerals.

There is of course a direct link between healthy animals and a healthy farm balance sheet. And there is a wealth of evidence to show that in terms of contribution to profit, routine use of Rockies amounts to an investment that yields exceptional returns.

Cost effective – Rockies save and make you money

With typical intakes of Rockies being as low as 50 gm per head per day for cattle and 10 gm per head for sheep, the blocks will provide benefits lasting for many months. Relative to the benefits that can be obtained by using Rockies the cost is very low and many farmers now look upon using Rockies as an essential daily part of the diet.

In life, you get what you pay for. Many salt licks on the market represent poor value for money. They’re either too soft so that they quickly break up or dissolve, or they’re inadequately supplemented (if at all) so that there is little or no animal health benefit.

All Rockies are made at Tithebarn’s UK manufacturing facility in salt-rich Cheshire. They’re exceptionally fresh and pure, which makes them more palatable. They’re manufactured to such exceptional hardness (10,000 kilos per square inch) that they last longer and are much less wasteful. And they’re supplemented to formulations devised by experts and farm tested over several years, so they deliver more health dividends.

That makes Rockies unbeatable value for money – and all that value goes into your animals, where it is turned in to improved yields and more profit for you.

Worldwide best-seller

We sell over 2 million licks per year. Our licks travel the world and have been used in all 5 continents. Whether you are a large ranch, a small farm, equine stable or zoo, your livestock can benefit from licking Rockies.

Rockies are one of the world’s most respected and most successful salt licks. Tithebarn sells over a million Rockies units a year to farmers and livestock owners in the UK, Europe and worldwide.

Thanks to the efforts of Tithebarn’s global export sales partners, that figure is rising year on year. Nonetheless, there are still many livestock and equine owners who don’t know what they’re missing! That’s why Tithebarn is always interested in extending its export partner network.

Own branding and formulations

Perhaps your own company is already famous and has its own established product range. Why not enhance and expand that range by including our renownd brand of mineral licks but under your own banner. We can help with design and formulation and even print in your own language too.

When is a Rockie not a Rockie? When it’s made by Tithebarn to exactly the same Rockie standards but manufactured, packaged and shipped as an own-brand product for an export partner.

Own Branding and formulationsOwn-brand Rockies can also be formulated to a supplier’s requirements. This enables export partners to meet local need for a specific combination of supplements not included in the normal Rockies range. This is a benefit of being able to access eighty years of Tithebarn supplementation expertise and research. A unique own-brand Rockie may be new to the market, but it will be based on proven science and so ‘right first time’.

For more information about own branding and custom formulations click here.

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