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Partner with Tithebarn’s world-class products and expertise

Our mineral blocks have been shipped as far afield as South America to Australia

We are able to quote competitive shipping and transport rates around the world.

We can supply global solutions to local problems.

Tithebarn is always looking for potential new partners to help bring the benefits of the Rockies product range to new markets.

Tithebarn’s partner network is already thriving globally but there are still huge untapped opportunities.

The ideal partner will be any business anywhere in the world whose activities include livestock or equine nutrition and health.

As a Rockies distributor you will benefit in two ways. You will be providing your customers with supplemented salt licks of such high quality that they make a rapid and quantifiable difference to farm profitability.

You will also have access to Tithebarn’s recognised expertise in every aspect of animal feeding and dietary supplementation. This will improve your ability to advise your customers on suitable products for a specific livestock condition or farm environment.

If you think becoming a Tithebarn partner could strengthen your business and improve your competitiveness, please feel free contact us for more information.

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