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Unlocking the Potential with ROCKIES January 2017

Unlocking the Potential with ROCKIES January 2017

Like a Rooster crows at the first light of sunrise from the East, Tithebarn Export has embraced the first successful overseas trip in the Far East this year, strengthening the bond between our trade and two of the most vibrant ASEAN countries: Indonesia and Vietnam.



With over 250 million heads to feed, agriculture plays a vital role of the local economy in Indonesia. Production of poultry for both meat and eggs has been traditionally dominant in the food industry.

Growing rapidly to meet local steadily increasing demands, however, is the number of cattle farms for the production of milk and meat. Once reliant on import from Australia for quality beef, local breeders are beginning to make their mark as well as to provide an alternative source.

In addition the demand for liquid milk and milk based products such as cheese and yoghurt has grown rapidly. The nation’s newly discovered appetite for dairy food continues to increase which has encouraged the number of dairy farms together with their herds’ sizes to escalate in order to match this demand. How to improve dairy cattle’s health and productivities has become to be the focus point of Indonesia’s arising dairy industry.

With a wide range of products covering most species, Tithebarn is able to offer the local producers quality sources of minerals and vitamins, which will ensure optimum production and growth whilst protecting the health of the livestock and helping the farmer’s profitability.
A long established relationship with local distributor P T Ekasapta Wijayatangguh means that Tithebarn can quickly pass on new developments and get key products onto farms as quickly as possible. Following recent restructuring of the distributor’s ownership, our new key marketing objectives have evolved with greater emphasis being placed on the ruminant sector than what has been previously.

This new strategy has already expanded sales of the renowned Rockie brand of mineral licks. Local ranch managers, such as Ms Deer, are already convinced of the benefits. For a long time, her cattle were listless and continuously licking or even biting each other in a desperate search for the minerals that were missing in their diet. Within a few short days of starting to use Rockies, the problem stopped completely! Not only did her herd stop the absurd behaviour due to lack of minerals but the cattle have also obtained healthier appetites, which means more efficient feeding consumption and faster growth. This well-earned trust upon Tithebarn products has convinced Ms Deer to try some of Tithebarn’s mineral vitamin premixes for her poultry too. Delighted to say she is now a long established and regular customer.

Tithebarn Export is committed to provide ongoing planned sales support and technical training throughout the year. We are looking forward to the exciting development and future growth in an “Inspiring Indonesia”.  rockies 5

Ms Deer’s Cattle loving Rockies


vietnam 2017 twitterWhenever you touch down at Ho Chi Mihn and hit the streets, you will almost instantly feel the energy, the vibrancy and the buzz of a city that is alive and eager to make things happen.
What better place then, for our local distributor Ruby Trading, who over the period of some 20 years, has seen sales increase from 1 FCL per year to more than 1 FCL per WEEK?

Such is their growth and strength in the local dairy sector that Ruby really is the “Jewel in the Crown”. They have become the No.1 sales outlet for Rockies amongst all ASEAN countries.
Milk production in Vietnam has grown significantly in recent years and local producers have rapidly gleaned knowledge and experience from the best in Europe and around the world.
Whether it be small local family farm or large sized prestigious herd, the dairy farmer is proving time and time again that the use of Red and Phos Rich Rockies is improving milk yields, milk quality, conception rates and overall good health for cattle.
A great example of such achievements is the advanced research conducted by a local government farm where the research and evaluation look into genetics, breeding and feeding factors. Rockies have been a consistent part in this research for the cattle’s daily diet. Both Red Rockies and Phos Rich Rockies are used to ensure optimum results in this government sponsored research in Vietnam.
Despite some worthy competition from local productions and European imports, Rockies remain the top selling brand of mineral licks in the Vietnamese market supplying 80% plus of the overall demand.
Tithebarn Export’s two-country-trip at the beginning of the 2017 has undoubtedly brought us the delight from the East like the first crow of the Year of the Rooster. We strongly believe that the continuous local training to our sales teams and the onsite support to individual farmers are vital to reinforce all Tithebarn’s 60 plus export regions.

Exporting is great!

EuroTier, Hanover (15th November-18th November) 2016

EuroTier, Hanover (15th November-18th November) 2016
A celebrated Biennial International Agricultural Festival!


The distinguished Biennial International agricultural festival- EuroTier 2016 has certainly firmly established itself as one of the leading pioneering global meeting points for all talents involved within agriculture striving for a healthier and more profitable farming industry for people all over the world.

Located in Hannover, Germany, one may be forgiven for thinking that perhaps it would only attract visitors from within Europe. Nothing could be further from the truth. Once again Tithebarn Export team, amongst all 2,500 exhibitors and more from over 50 countries, were proudly exhibiting our renowned mineral blocks “Rockies” and were hugely delighted to have received old and new customers from all four corners of the world, including Burundi, Belgium, Czech Republic, China, Egypt, Greece, Holland, Iceland, Ireland, Greece, Kenya, Korea, Saudi Arabia, and the UK. In addition, genuine interest and enquires were received from as far afield as South America, North Africa and The Middle East.


Of special delight to Denis Sowler, the company’s Export Sale Executive, is the opportunity for Tithebarn export team to introduce longstanding customers from one country to those of another from thousands of miles away whose agriculture can often vary significantly from each other. Hearing customers in such diverse situations equally praising the benefit and quality of Rockies is extremely satisfying and equally reassuring to customers whose circumstance are often so widely different from each other.



Tithebarn’s global success stems in large part from its insistence on selling only products based on proven science and manufactured to the highest quality. We invest heavily in continuous research and development and farm testing.
It is estimated that everyday more than 1.5 million animals benefit from Rockies mineral salt licks worldwide. Whichever part of the world you are based in Rockies can bring benefit to the livestock with increased productivity and profitability. Formulations will, of course, vary from country to country based on mineral and feeding needs but hardness, durability and the ability to withstand all weather conditions is consistent wherever they are distributed.


SAUDI AGRICULTURAL EXHIBITION 2016 Riyadh International Convention and Exhibition Centre AlBlimy / Tithebarn

Riyadh International Convention and Exhibition Centre
AlBlimy / Tithebarn


It has been a great pleasure for TithebarnExport to co-exhibit with Abdullah Mohammed Alblimy at the annual Saudi Agricultural Show. Although it is only the second time for Rockies to showbiz at the elite annual exhibition at Riyadh, we are pleased to see a confidently well-established market and promising business opportunities ahead.
As a member of the North-West Export Champion team, Tithebarn always take pride in sharing our export stories with our friends and customers home and abroad. We believe in reaching out for opportunities overseas, we also strongly recommend continuous education and training of our existing customers. It is essential that local distributors understand our products and are able to explain the benefit of using Rockies to farmers. This exhibition has been a great opportunity for us to exchange ideas and provide technical support. This year we have focused on the sheep market.
Within the Kingdom many millions of sheep are reared and raised every year for food consumption. As the traditional food of the local population, the need to raise animals that can grow at full potential is paramount. Producing healthy lambs that can thrive and be ready for the table as soon as possible is critical to the livestock industry. All this apart from the sheep being the vital cog that can provide meat, milk, leather and wool.
Demands at times of religious festivals puts an even greater pressure on the sheep farmer to ensure that his animals are well looked after and ready for the season of high demand.
With natural sources of feeding stuff being very short in supply it is hardly surprising that often major mineral deficiencies occur and limit growth and production. Particularly short in the Kingdom appears to be the three vital and essential trace elements of Copper, Cobalt and Selenium.
A deficiency of Copper will result in the chronic condition of Swayback with animals suffering from anaemia, slow growth, weak legs and poor quality wool. A lack of Cobalt results in the sheep being unable to synthesis vitamin B12 and the resulting condition of Pine displays greatly reduced appetite, inability to correctly digest food, all of which means slow growth and lack of milk for the lambs. An acute shortage of Selenium leaves sheep weak muscled (muscular dystrophy) and with smaller lambs at birth.
With this in mind the range of Rockies are specifically designed to combat the deficiencies and are unique for the Kingdom. English Blue, English Red and Yellow Rockies have all been especially designed high levels of the three vital trace elements. During the past year many sheep farmers have been introduced to the range and to our delight the results obtained have been very satisfactory. Quite noticeable now is that many farmers will particularly demand that only the “English” block is the one that they want to feed to their sheep. Rockies may only be a small part of the overall diet but they do play a major role in ensuring optimum productivity and profitability
Tithebarn will continue support our customers to fully understand the benefit of using “English” Rockies, sheep business…not sheepish at all!!


Tithebarn Rockies are to Showcase @Saudi Agriculture Exhibition 2016 RIYADH #Mr Rockie is back!

saudi 1

Tithebarn Rockies are to Showcase @Saudi Agriculture Exhibition 2016 RIYADH #Mr Rockie is back!

Following Rockies’ very much anticipated first appearance at SAUDI AGROFOOD 2015, Tithebarn and Alblimy now Abdullah Mohammed Alblimy Veterinary are to showcase a range of Rockies especially designed for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Saudi Agriculture 2016 camelsSaudi Agriculture 2016 cattleSaudi Agriculture 2016 goatsSaudi Agriculture 2016 sheep

The successful introduction of English Blue (Blue Rockies) has helped to open and consolidate the newly established local market. Farmers are now asking Rockies by names which promotes further supplies to be manufactured for immediate delivery to replenish stocks. To echo this year’s organic/sustainable theme at RIYADH, all Rockies supplied by Tithebarn are officially approved products to be used on organic farms.
organic cert - Copy

China Dairy Exhibition 2016, QingDao(青岛)

2016 China Dairy Show

China Dairy Expo Review @Qingdao June 2016

It seems like only yesterday but was in fact in 2001 when Tithebarn ROCKIES were first displayed in some remote suburb Chinese farm, under inspection of a few local Chinese Governors’ watchful eyes. “Will it work? What does it do?”
15 years later, our Chinese customer profiles have grown from farms with 2 cows to some modern super farms with a minimum of cattle heads of 2,000. During the past 15 years’ time, China has established one of the biggest dairy markets in the world. According to Dairy Association of China, in 2015 there are now 789,000 cows on DHI testing programmes, the annual milk production is over 37.5 million tons which is 0.8% higher than 2014. Tithebarn, as many other dairy related industries has benefitted hugely from this market expansion, and we are proud to claim that everyday there are one million livestock in China benefiting from licking the ROCKIES range of mineral blocks.
With a fast growing customer profile, including YILI, MENGNIU, the two dairy giants in China, Tithebarn, together with our Chinese exclusive distributor ShanDong Qingfeng Animal Husbandry Technology Co., Ltd welcomed our customers to the annual China Dairy Exhibition, which has always been a time to catch up with local customers, exchange ideas as well as establish new partnerships.



The exhibition, this year being held in Shandong Province, where our distributor is based, saw both the number of exhibitors and visitors far exceeding previous year’s attendances.
The Dairy sector is at the heart of the growth and demand for home produced agricultural products and industry players came in their thousands to what evolved into an exciting and vibrant few days of exchanging ideas and information at the Qingdao event. To our greatest pleasure, not only local producers but also Tithebarn’s key distributors from across South East Asia have attended in order to keep abreast of new developments.
As always the need to produce high levels of top quality safe milk was of critical importance to the industry. Tithebarn contribute to the concept of high quality milk from healthy cows with healthy feeding, and we take pride in playing a significant role in assisting the long term partnership in marketing our renowned brand of mineralised salt blocks RED ROCKIES and PHOS RICH ROCKIES which are loved by millions of Chinese dairy farmers not just because of the efficacy and benefits of the blocks but also the hardness and weather bearing capacities.
ROCKIES have won in many tender competitions and Tithebarn ROCKIES are now long term supplements for both YILI and MENGNIU’s super dairy farms. With sustainable market growth, we see an exciting and rewarding future ahead and take great pride in helping to feed the Nation.

Aspiring Asia – ILDEX 2016


Phillips Training Day

Aspiring Asia (ILDEX 2016)

With some 50% of all Tithebarn’s export sales coming from the VIBRANT South East Asia, Export Sales Executive- Denis Sowler recently visited Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.
Rockies have a long-established market in Asia. To maintain this entrenched market position,Tithebarn has always been committed to providing ongoing training and field support. All distributors and farmers alike have access to opportune nutritional advice from our team of animal health experts.
During his visit, Denis focused on training the new generation of all local sales representatives of the region and emphasized: “Profit margins for livestock farmers around the world are being eroded and it is vitally important that wherever possible diets are to be correctly balanced with the right level of mineral and vitamin supplements so as to ensure optimum digestion and utilisation of feeds.”
It is a fact that Rockies are not luxury products but are of essential for daily feeding. What better endorsement of this fact than appearing on the front page together a Prime Minister on the National newspaper!! Our Thai distributors were extremely proud to report Red Rockies’appearance on Nation, Thailand’s most updated English newspaper: Thai Prime Minister visiting a local farm with Rockies lined up for feeding. The sales of the Nation certainly reached a high that day for sure!
The highlight of this aspiring trip in Asia has to be exhibiting at ILDEX 2016 in Vietnam, where sales of Rockies have grown from 1 FCL per year to 1 FCL per week, taking a 90% share of the mineral lick market! The exhibition has also provided a unique opportunity for our distributors from near and afar to meet each other and share their own stories of success. Of all the stories, the most popularly shared has always been “Wherever you are, Rockies can help your livestock make More Milk: More Meat: More Wool: More Profit”!


UKTI North West Export Champions launch 2016


UKTI North West Export Champions launch 2016

UKTI North West Export Champions launch 2016 took place on the 10th February at Royal Northern College of Music Manchester with UKTI regional director Clive Drinkwater.

Tithebarn has been nominated as one of the “Export Champions” in a list compiled by the Government’s export arm, UK Trade & Investment (UKTI). UKTI’s 2016 Export Champions are a group of business leaders in the North West tasked with raising the profile of exporting throughout the region, helping others to develop opportunities and fulfil their global potential.

The new Export Champions were welcomed at a dinner hosted at the Royal Northern College of Music. The event featured a panel discussion with Clive Drinkwater, North West regional director for UKTI, and longstanding Export Champions Glen Cooper of ATG Access and Graham James of Flexcrete Technologies, who both reflected on the benefits exporting can bring.

Mr Drinkwater said: “Since its launch in 2013 the Export Champions programme has been a huge success, and the companies who have taken part have done a brilliant job of bringing to life the support UKTI can offer businesses looking to export.”

He also emphasized the importance of having Export Champions in our region: “Export Champions are an integral part of our strategy, and those involved are businesses who inspire and motivate those inexperienced in international trade, both by promoting the benefits of export through their own success and by sharing knowledge and experience.”

Tithebarn as an Export Champion 2016 is looking forward to taking on this exciting new role and contributing to the regional Export at its very best.

Amazing Africa (Tithebarn Export in East Africa)

Amazing Africa: Tithebarn Export in East Africa

After ten days, three countries and meeting seven distributors in East Africa, Tithebarn has certainly embraced the New Year with an amazing start.
It was Tithebarn Export’s great pleasure to have met up with both old and new friends in this enchanting continent. Our Export Executive, Denis Sowler recalls: “The discussions held between us are both interesting and stimulating. Agriculture in East Africa is indeed very different to the UK. However the needs for the livestock are exactly the same and the benefits which can be obtained from using Tithebarn range of mineral licks and premixes are certainly extremely worthwhile.”
With over 135 million mouths to feed in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda, it is crucial that whatever denomination of shillings is being spent, it is to be spent wisely and profitably.
Tithebarn has been supplying mineral blocks, feed supplements and animal health nutraceuticals for the past twenty years or so to this fast changing and developing region of East Africa. With a product range that can help poultry produce more eggs and meat as well as provide protection against disease, through to award winning mineral blocks that can enable cattle to achieve higher milk yields and improved reproduction, the demand for Tithebarn brand has remained loyal and continues to expand in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and their neighbouring countries.
With such a diverse climate and often shortage of feed in the region, it is critical that all nutrients are to be fully digested and utilised. Tithebarn products help the farmers all over the world make the most of the available feed achieving in faster growth, healthier animals and eventually greater profits.
Denis Sowler also stresses: “it is vitally important that we always refer to Rockies as MINERAL blocks, but not just Salt Blocks. Rockies are proven to be consistently harder and more weatherproof than other blocks; it is the quality aspect that we need to always be making customers aware of.”
When you have a good product with established reputation in the market, it is not difficult to understand that the brand can be copied by local productions. The situation is no different here in Africa than other 50 countries where Rockies are being copied as a result of its renowned quality. Wise farmers, however, have ensured that their local distributors have maintained stocking original UK Tithebarn products. Educating farmers to understand that purchasing cheaper Rockies copies will result in not only waste of investment but also more importantly poor health of their animals is essential.
Following this visit, Tithebarn takes great pride in consolidating partnerships with all African distributors and will continue to enhance the product range to meet and satisfy both regional and local deficiencies.

Eram-Uganda 2016

Bimeda -Kenya 2016


best licks


tanzania cattle

Tithebarn – UKTI Export Champion 2016

New Year, New Challenge: Tithebarn takes a new role as the UKTI Export Champion 2016

Happy New Year!

Succeeding our Greater China award in 2015, Tithebarn welcomes the New Year with a new role. We feel honoured and privileged to be part of the prestigious UKTI Export Champion theme 2016.

In the welcome letter,  Bev Mullin, Senior Contract & Stakeholder Manager of UK Trade & Investment – North West said:

“Our first Export Champions were recruited for 2013, and have done a great job spreading the word about the benefits of international trade.   As a region, we need to sell more products and services overseas, and I’m determined to encourage and support as many companies as possible to take up the export challenge.  We know that companies are encouraged and inspired by their peers, so your success stories are hugely influential.  I hope that your association with the Export Champion initiative will be good for you too, and enjoyable!”

NWEC - Vector 2016

Establishing New Markets in Saudi Arabia with AlblimyVet

Establishing New Markets in Saudi Arabia with AlblimyVet

Tithebarn are excited and proud to be associated with

This unique link of two privately owned family business now means that the Rockie range of mineralised licks can be actively promoted throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Formulations have been especially adapted to meet local conditions so that the vast numbers of cattle, sheep and goats can benefit from the superb range of balanced mineral nutrition.
A product launch was displayed at the recent Saudi Agro-Food Exhibition.

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