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Aspiring Asia – ILDEX 2016


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Aspiring Asia (ILDEX 2016)

With some 50% of all Tithebarn’s export sales coming from the VIBRANT South East Asia, Export Sales Executive- Denis Sowler recently visited Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.
Rockies have a long-established market in Asia. To maintain this entrenched market position,Tithebarn has always been committed to providing ongoing training and field support. All distributors and farmers alike have access to opportune nutritional advice from our team of animal health experts.
During his visit, Denis focused on training the new generation of all local sales representatives of the region and emphasized: “Profit margins for livestock farmers around the world are being eroded and it is vitally important that wherever possible diets are to be correctly balanced with the right level of mineral and vitamin supplements so as to ensure optimum digestion and utilisation of feeds.”
It is a fact that Rockies are not luxury products but are of essential for daily feeding. What better endorsement of this fact than appearing on the front page together a Prime Minister on the National newspaper!! Our Thai distributors were extremely proud to report Red Rockies’appearance on Nation, Thailand’s most updated English newspaper: Thai Prime Minister visiting a local farm with Rockies lined up for feeding. The sales of the Nation certainly reached a high that day for sure!
The highlight of this aspiring trip in Asia has to be exhibiting at ILDEX 2016 in Vietnam, where sales of Rockies have grown from 1 FCL per year to 1 FCL per week, taking a 90% share of the mineral lick market! The exhibition has also provided a unique opportunity for our distributors from near and afar to meet each other and share their own stories of success. Of all the stories, the most popularly shared has always been “Wherever you are, Rockies can help your livestock make More Milk: More Meat: More Wool: More Profit”!